Norwegian technology for clean energy

Rainpower, trough Hymatek Controls, is currently one of Scandinavia's largest and most influential professional environments for turbine and voltage regulation. 

The company comprises experienced employees with solid professional expertise and experience, and young, highly trained and highly ambitious staff. 

Hymatek Controls delivers excitation systems for generators and turbine governors for hydropower turbines. The company also delivers control plant for small hydro power plants and other apparatus used in power production. 

Hymatek Controls is market leader in Norway, with a significant and rapidly increasing share of export sales. 

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Our most important products: 

  • MAGNOSTAT ®Excitation equipment and voltage regulators for all sizes of generators and field machinery 
  • HYDROTROL®Electronic turbine governors for all sizes and types of hydropower turbines GOPS®Oil pressure plants for all types of hydropower turbines 
  • HYMAREG®Unit regulators (combination of excitation and turbine governors) 
  • HYMACON®Control plants for small hydro power plants 
  • HYMASYNK®Synchronizing apparatus for generators or lines 
  • TUVA® Overspeed relay with parametrisable limits. Our products have the relevant standards from IEC, IEEE, Statnett/SvK and EN.