Health, Safety & Environment

Norwegian technology for clean energy

In Rainpower, concern for health, safety, and the environment is a core value.

Our HSE culture is an integral part of the company culture that forms Rainpower, and it motivates us in our efforts and achievements. This HSE mindset is founded on the belief that all incidents can be prevented, and is the key to the company's work within health, safety, environment and quality.

Rainpower has the same high HSE standards in own operations and working with customers and partners.

At Rainpower, quality management is; quality of products and processes, quality within safety and environmental issues.

Rainpower aims to secure employees health, safety and environment through

  • Drive a 0-based HSE culture and mindset throughout the company
  • Integrate HSEQ-work in the company's activities, on all levels
  • Identify and mitigate potential risks through ongoing risk management
  • Secure and maintain optimal HSE and Quality standards and systems
  • Adhere to Norwegian Law and regulations

Implementation and utilization of our HSE operating system involves a continual process of improvement to meet the company- and customer's expectations. Ongoing reviews and follow up are used in order to evaluate gaps between existing performance and the expectations.

Rainpower is certified in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.