Norwegian technology for clean energy

Rainpower has more than 165 years of experience in the hydropower business. Today, the company represents a broad competence as well as a state of the art technology.

The company started as part of the traditional industry environment in Lodalen, Oslo. Norwegian hydropower competence was developed in Kvaerner Brug which was established in 1853 in Lodalen. Waterwheel in the Loelva river was the starting point to make use of water power. In 1873, Kvaerner Brug reached a milestone when the first turbine was delivered; with 230 horsepower, and a waterfall of 11 meter. In 1890, the first Pelton turbine was delivered to a power station, followed by a Francis turbine in 1898.

Kvaerner understood the market needs, realizing the importance of high-head turbine - Francis and Pelton - and developed these to a level which was of interest to the international market. As a result, Norway has experienced a solid increase the export of turbines produced.

For several generations, the company was owned by Kvaerner, followed by a short period of ownership by GE Energy. In 2007, the company was bought by the Norwegian company NLI. 2008 was Rainpower's first year of operations. 

In July 2008, Rainpower took over Hymatek AS. At the same time, Rainpower's governor business unit became part of the new company, Hymatek Controls AS (www.hymatek.no).

I April 2021 Aker Horizons became new owners of Rainpower and Hymatek.