Norwegian technology for clean energy



Sørumsand Workshop is an integral part of the Rainpower Group, and presents itself as one of the foremost and most complete heavy mechanical workshops in Norway. 

It has a total area of 4.000 m2. 

Customers consider  Sørumsand Workshop one of the world´s best hydropower equipment workshops. It plays a central role in the service and refurbishment market in Norway, and we are developing knowledge and routines in the workshop so that all mechanical equipment for a hydropower plant may be maintained and rehabilitated in the workshop. 

The manufacturing competence at Sørumsand Workshop is crucial in Rainpower´s ability to establish a competitive manufacturing environment in low cost countries. Manufacturing competence is also decisive for procuring quality components. 



Rainpower Hangzhou provides engineering and sourcing services from China to the Rainpower Group.

It has established a supply chain hub. It has top qualified engineers, most of them with long experience within turbine manufacturing industry.

Rainpower's policies, such as company values, quality system and Environmental, Health and Safety criteria, are strictly followed. 

Rainpower Hangzhou resources work as integrated project members with close communication with the project organisation in Rainpower Group.