Service & Rehabilitation

Norwegian technology for clean energy

We perform rehabilitation of all mechanical parts in hydropower stations including maintenance, upgrades, installation and new parts to existing power stations.

Our workshop at Sørumsand plays a central role in the service, modernization and upgrading of power stations in Norway and abroad. 

The workshop's deliveries meet the most stringent requirements in terms of quality of materials, geometric tolerance, work execution, process control and documentation. 

Sørumsand Workshop has expertise that is pivotal in Rainpower's assessment of quality and performance in deliveries from our qualified foreign manufacturers. 

We have comprehensive experience and expertise related to the entire value chain; from design, logistics and production to project management, procurement, and assembly and commissioning. 

A successful service or upgrade is dependent on good communication between service engineers and the workshop. The close proximity between our engineers and the workshop, and their communication with customers ensures the necessary flexibility that is needed to work efficiently, as well as when unforeseen operational situations arise.