Technology Provider

Norwegian technology for clean energy

We offer
  • Design of flow machines
  • Design of control systems
  • Design of station systems
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Stabilizing Analysis
  • Trustworthiness and Availability studies
  • Organizational integrity
  • Upgrade Analysis

Upgrade Analysis

Rainpower can provide assistance to evaluate the hydraulic potential of different upgrading scenarios.

We estimate the upgrading potential of an old turbine through a loss analysis with 3D modeling and use of advance CFS programs.

We can, with rather high accuracy, quantify the improvements by changing different components. 

What in most cases limit the output in an upgarde is the runner blade cavitation. Such caviation limits Rainpower can predict well.

Over the years, the hydraulic department at Rainpower has conducted many upgrading projects for both Francis and Pelton turbine. 

By using our know-how and design experience we can support clients in the pre-phase stage of an upgrading project to quantify the potential.