Norwegian technology for clean energy


"Storm" / "Hurricane"

For heads between 50 and 600 meters, Francis turbines are most common. 

In 2008 Rainpower Storm was introduced as a new type of turbine for low and middle head between 50 and 300 meters. This turbine has world class technology. Rainpower has developed and tested several different models, and offers market leading performance guarantees to its customers.

For turbines with large head, Rainpower has long experience in developing Francis turbines with whole and half blades - a Norwegian specialty. This turbine type is known for its ability to operate stably over a wide operating area with varying heads and water volumes.

A new generation of Francis turbines for high heads called Hurricane was introduced in 2013, with a substantially improved performance.



Pelton turbines are suitable for high heads and low water volume, and are often used with heads above 300 meters, and for small hydro. One particular advantage is the wide area of operation, making them particularly suitable for small power stations with variable flow.

Rainpower is one of the world's foremost suppliers of Pelton turbines, and delivers turbines with vertical as well as horizontal axle.

In 2008 Rainpower started developing a new generation of Pelton turbines, optimizing all components with modern analysis tools, combined with model testing. Rainpower introduces this new generation of Pelton turbines with substantially improved hydraulic performance.

Small Hydro


Rainpower's small-scale power solutions are essentially based on the company's proprietary turbine technology with parameterized design adapted to smaller power plants. Since start-up, the company has implemented around 45 small-scale power projects comprising 53 turbines with an aggregate output of 323 MW. We have carried out important efficiency measurements of Francis and Pelton plants, the results of which exceeded the guaranteed values.

We offer:

  • Complete electro-mechanical package
  • Standard solutions
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Proven technology documented from laboratory and field test
  • Pelton and Francis turbine
  • Consulting and project development



For heads between 50 and 700 meters, Rainpower supplies one stage pump turbines which are custom designed and engineered for each pumped storage station. Pump stored hydropower is the only economic and flexible way to store large amounts of surplus energy today. This will become increasingly important with more and more uneven power sources in the grid, such as wind and solar.

Rainpower supplies a complete scope of equipment for reversible pump turbines, including pump turbines, control and governing systems and valves, as well as all necessary auxiliary equipment. Rainpower's engineers have long experience in the design of pump turbines.